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What are CADets

Webster defines a cadet as, "A young trainee in the armed services or police force". Our Foundation has coined a new meaning to the term. A CADet is an individual that shows initiative and is interested in making positive strides towards cultivating their talents for the betterment of themselves, others and their community. A CADet is a Conceive A Dream Foundation Dreamer, they have goals and we are here to help them reach those goals!

How to help

You can help our Dreamer CADets by making a donation that will contribute toward programming, seminars, supplies, event space, speaker cost and organization maintenance!

Become a Volunteer

Would you like to share your talents of public speaking, financial literacy, educational expertise or some other unique gift that would benefit our Dreamer CADets.

Would you like to be a mentor to Dreamer CADet? Have you overcome the odds and are now living or working towards your dream(s) and would like to reach back and help someone do the same? If so, we would love to have you!


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Upcoming Events

Consider Conceive A Dream Foundation on Giving Tuesday!!!

In August 2018 Conceive A Dream is launched a new YouTube Series "Real Life Real Moms" showcasing the diversity and awesomeness of everyday mothers. Would you like to participate? Go to the Fun Stuff tab and learn more! 


Conceive A Dreams will begin recruitment for our mentoring programs this Fall!! To find out additional information about the application and selection process please subscribe to our e-mail list or contact us directly for more information! 

As always remember to sign up for our e-mail list and be the first to hear bout our upcoming events.

Interested in become a Non-profit Board Member contact us to find out more about opportunities to serve as a board member and help CAD grow! always remember to sign up for our e-mail list and be the first to hear bout our upcoming events.

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