Conceive Big Dreams Fundraising Campaign 

Goal $5,500

Through this fundraising Campaign we will provide scholarships to high school youth attending school in Dekalb County, Georgia. Additionally funds raised will help facilitate a series of Workshops (Winter/Spring 2021) for High School students to provide them with skills and resources to maneuver successfully in the "Real World" after completing high school. Each participant will be provide with a "Survival Kit" after completing all sessions. Conceive A Dream Foundation will be able to do all of this with the gracious help from individuals like yourself!! 

How your donations from this campaign be will be allocated:

$2000- Conceive Big Dreams Scholarship: Four $500* scholarships will be given. If we exceed our fundraising goal the additional funds will go towards scholarship

$3000 – Post Workshop Series Survival Kits for 25-40 High School Participants (Survival Kits will include items such as: Resume Portfolio, gift card to purchase business suit/dress, business cards, and more)

$500- Fees and Cost associated with Non-profit Operations

*Individuals Donations of $250 or more will receive a Tax Deductible Receipt*

Why your contribution and time as a volunteer matter?

 Youth with mentors have higher rates of high school/college graduation! 

Youth  that have mentors are less likely to drop out of school

According to MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, at risk youth who had a mentor were:

55% more likely to enroll in college

52% less likely to skip school

37% less likely to skip class

78% more likely to volunteer regularly

90% interested in become a mentor themselves

130% more likely to hold leadership positions

46% less likely to use drugs

27% less likely to drink

81% more likely to participate in extracurricular activities

43% of all undergraduate parenting students are single mothers

Only 33% of college students with children attain a degree/certificate within 4-6 years of enrollment

47% of all black women in college have dependent children

88% of Single students with children have incomes at or below 200% of poverty

Students with children on average have higher levels of debt after graduation than non-parent counterparts