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In 2013, One day I was at lunch with my Aunt and older sister and while talking about where I was in life (I had just come back home from completing a masters program, unemployed, still with a strong desire to go to medical school) and all that I had experienced as a single mom while completing my undergrad degree years earlier.

I came up with or rather "Conceived" the idea of forming a community for women with children navigating through college. A few year later, I would decide to expand our mission to include youth from underserved areas. I thought this was an important vulnerable population to include because experiences from our youth greatly impact our future!

My organizations' name is an act of word play, because the birth of my son (his conception) is what lead me to the journey I have had the fortune to experience in life so far, whether obstacle or victory, the experiences have help shaped me into the person that I am!

Thank you for everyone that has followed our journey as an organization and my individual journey! Its been a journey :-) and We look forward to a great year!

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