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To Blog or Not To Blog!

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Published Sept 22, 2014

To Blog it is.....

Thank you for visiting my blog. I am a newbie to blogging but I am very excited the share my journey thus far with readers.

Who I am:

I am a non-traditional “PreMed”, I am applying to medical school (re-applicant)

I am in my mid twenties, I was born and raised in the southeastern region of the US, I have a B.A in Psychology and M.S degree as well, I have grade school aged child. And, I am not currently enrolled in academic course.

Why did I choose to blog:

I began writing creatively after finding myself engulfed in a poetry assignment I received from my 5th grade gifted teacher. And, at times I have found that poetry has provided me with the opportunity to express myself more effectively than through spoken language. I believe writing this blog will provide the same comfort. Additionally, I randomly stumbled across a few blog sites of medical students (Aspiring MinorityDoctor and Mrs. Mommy MD) this year that gave me so much life and provided me with such inspiration. Seeing them live out their dreams supplied me with additional motivation that I too one day will get to do the same!

Where am I today:

I am in the midst of the 2015 application cycle. I submitted my primary application this summer and recently reunited with my dear friend Mr. MCAT! And I am in the process of waiting for interviews, completing newly received secondaries, and waiting to receive my scores (which should be within the next week or two :-) so that I can receive additional secondaries. Outside of the ever exciting and exhilarating application process, I am working and pursing additional shadowing and other medically relevant activities.

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