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Reach your full potential through Manifestation and Gratitude. This 12 week Journal will allow you to be intentional in your actions, discover patterns of thought that may be blocking your potential for success, reevaluate your expectations and set attainable goals. Set goals and create an environment that allows you to thrive, breathe life into your goals, and create the future of your dreams.

This journal includes:

  • Instruction on how to have an impactful 12 week experience
  • Area to include 12 week Goals
  • Baseline Gratitude Scale
  • 12 weeks of Daily Morning Reflection Journal
  • 12 weeks of End of Reflections
  • 12 End of Week Assessments
  • And You!!

This perfectly sized journal can be easily carried in your purse, backpack or carry on to. You are worthy of being your best self every day, the journey starts with you! Dream Big, Dream Daily, and Dream Without Limits, Remember this a lifestyle and that life begins and ends with you!


    • Print length

      100 pages

    • Language


    • Publication date

      March 22, 2022

    • Dimensions

      6 x 0.23 x 9 inches

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